Insects and Arachnids Inspired Nail Art Designs

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I know it’s very daunting to draw little insects with their claws, tentacles and legs on the nails especially if you have no interest whatsoever in the drawings. But with little effort you can make beautiful insects, the ones you really adore and like, such as butterflies, lady bugs, beetles, and honeybees. Maybe you are a type of girl who jumps two feet above the floor upon seeing a black cockroach crawling nearby- sometimes it’s good to get over with your fears that you have about insects and worms because they are created by God.


Though they can’t put makeup, wear lipsticks or wear clothes just like human to make themselves beautiful and they have very ugly body structure but it’s better for their survival. They are too tiny to be scared of, right? I am not asking you to change your mind and fall in love with those pathetic creatures that can even bite or sting you, but at least show some courtesy to them and be gentle with them. Don’t try to kill a cockroach just because it is crawling in your room and is looking somewhat nasty being pitch black. Instead put it somewhere very nicely, ideally outside your home, so that it can return to its place and continue to live. All living beings have the right to live in this world-nobody needs to kill insects for their less beautiful appearance. Stop being racists!


So today I am going to share a post on insect and arachnids inspired nail art designs. It’s a fact that insects are somewhat black or creepy, of course they creep on so they must be creepy right. We can, however, give them a beautiful makeover in our nail artwork because we can’t change the way they look in real.

Here is my collection of best insect inspired nail art designs; I hope it will be as adorable to you as it is to me.

Lady Bugs Nails:

The foremost important reason for a lady to be in love with the most common lady bug nail art design is perhaps the brightness it has. There are two sharp colors in the pattern or body of the insect- red and black. With red nail polish, you can draw the body of the insect using a fine painting brush and with the black nail polish you draw big black dots and tentacles.

Bumblebee Nail Designs:

It is fairly easy to design a bumblebee on your nail art. The colorful hair bands in yellow and black color make this bee very special. Bumblebees can be found in Northern Hemisphere and South America along with New Zealand. They are famous for their delicate body hair which is usually in contract of two colors. Though yellow and black is the only contrast most artists are using while making the design, there is another one you can use such as red and black. If you will use more of red in nails, it is likely to be more similar with the lady bug design, so choose your colors wisely.

Cockroaches nail Designs:

Most of the ladies abhor seeing or getting across a crawling cockroach thinking that it would fly over them and make them feel uncomfortable. If you really want to overcome on your fear for the cockroaches, you should at least try to increase your stamina of facing the little creature by including them in your nail art. Cockroaches are also known as water insects, there are more than 4500 species of the insect around the world, and three of them are pests while the rest of the species are human inhabitants.

Black widow spider Nails:

Spiders! Gosh! The Spiderman is the only spider you love with your heart and soul, but there are some particular insects that are as loveable as mythical Spiderman is. Black widow spiders are usually black in color with two red shot eyes, giving them a very angry or arrogant appearance. These spiders are usually venomous and are in plenty in the world. Try making some black widow spider nail arts to feel some love for the nicest insects.


Tiny ants nail arts:

I always believe that tiny ants are better than human beings because they live together, work together, save food for each other, and help each other in the time of emergencies. In short, they are far better than big human beings. Why? We live with our siblings in the same home and are born to the same parents, but we fight to each other, never love to spend good time with the family, and when any member of the family needs our help we simply show our back or refuse to do it. What’s that? We pretend to be a sweet, happy family but we never try to be a good member of it, that’s what happening in most homes these days, including mine and yours. Tiny ants work in harmony and they are so friendly to each other. I prefer ant nail designs over a flower.

Caterpillar nail art designs:

Caterpillars have such an interesting life that no other insects have. Their only purpose of life after coming to the world is eating as much food as they can- they don’t eat junk food though but whatever they eat helps them turn into moth or butterfly. Caterpillar is basically a baby butterfly- it requires food in plenty to grow younger.


Bee Nail Art designs:

Bees live in a colony with other members and they circulate all around the fresh flowers, plants and trees to amplify the nature. Did you know that much of the food which we are eating today grew through pollination? The tomatoes and lettuce in our chicken burgers are pollinated by small bees. In the same fashion the cow contributing to our beefy burger patties are fed on the almonds which are also pollinated by the bees.


Honey bee nail art designs:

We all know how do we get sweet and luscious honey? Honey bees work together on the project and create honey for everyone and it is used in many desserts, sweets, and dishes. Honey bee is also very beautiful in its look, the yellow and black color contrast makes it one of the most beautiful insects of the world.


Beetle nail art designs:

Beetles are usually black and very deadly look wise, but they are nevertheless one of the most innocent insects of the earth. They are very tougher and clever than what you could think so beware. Check these images of beetle nail art designs to learn how to draw the body of the insect.

Colorful butterflies nail art designs:

Butterflies may have several colors and patterns-every one of us has stopped in the garden at one point to watch these beauties fly from one flower to another with proud and grace. They help improve the beauty of the gardens, forests, and landscapes. There are plenty of butterfly nail art designs to choose from.

Simple spider making web or silk designs:

It is generally seen that people start running here and there when they watch a spider knitting silk on the ceiling or elsewhere in the room with its legs dangling in its own web. There is nothing to be afraid of this insect. It’s not very dangerous and can harm nobody. Spiders are generally associated with Halloween or horror scenes, you can change the way the world has always thought about them by showing them as a beautiful and lovely animal. Try some cool spider nail art designs to show your love.

Arachnid Nail Art designs:

They resemble with Spiders, mites and scorpions. Making them on your fingernails as a design shouldn’t be too tricky.


Scorpion nail art designs:

These arachnids are around use for 100s of years, despite how dangerous they may look they haven’t sustained a healthy diet yet. They do prey for food but it’s just too rare. Instead they want their preys to be a food themselves it’s just like you have chicken and bread in the kitchen to make a good burger but you wish it to be baked and served on the plate by itself. Scorpions are very easy to design and draw on the fingernails. Check the pictures given below for more details.

Daddy longlegs nail art:

In America these insects are known as harvestmen and in England they are called Crane fly. They have very long legs and an average body.


Centipedes nail art:

These insects are not easy to get as a nail art but they are very interesting due to multiple legs and adjoining bodies.


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